Alexa Jade Frankelis  is a visual artist based in New York City and is currently attending the BFA Photography and Video program at the School of Visual Arts. 

Selected Exhibitions:

2018    Fall Video II Exhibition, Curated by William Lamson, Joseph                Maida, & Katherine Newbegin , School of Visual Arts,                        New York, NY

2017    Light & Metal,  Curated by Amber Dietz, School of Visual                   Arts, New York, NY

2015    PhotoFresh Exhibit, Curated by Rachel Hines , School of                  Visual Arts, New York, NY

2015    Advanced Visions Exhibit , L.I.U. C.W. Post, Old Brookville,                NY

Selected Publications:

2018   Issue 9-Spring 2018, SVA's The Match Factory

2017   Winter Reveries, Winter 2017/2018 Issue, October Hill                       Magazine

2015   Photofeast Zine 

2015   Nikon's Best of College & High School Photography,                         Photographer's Forum 35th Annual Edition 

2015   School of Visual Arts, Enhanced Chairman's Merit Award                 Scholarship, New York, NY

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